An Intense Fear Of Hoovering.

16 02 2010

Hello! It’s Tuesday, and time is flying this week, had a trip into Sheffield today and picked up card for the new Dunny header tags along with a few new brushes and canvas. So, they’re all packaged up now! Ken the tiger is heading to his new home in the states, and Mister Nozzle (created from the intense fear of hoovering mentioned above) is available now on my store page. He comes with a sticker!!! (the green one) and you can pick him up here: Bigcartel

Just had a fairly decent hot chocolate, after picking up some nice reduced fair trade stuff from Somerfields of all places! Hoping it’ll power me to stay up late and get some painting done tonight, more canvas paintings on the way soon enough.. 🙂


Rain = Pain or Terror of Skywater

10 06 2009

Wow, it’s wet out there! The skies opened up at about 4 and it’s been pouring since, luckily I was able to get the mini Teddy Troop sprayed while it was nice out and have since been working on the custom, Kintaaro is now finished! (see pics) and up on the Squink! store for ÂŁ25 posted. I hope you like it! Inspired by the grey skies of the past few days.

I’ll be off to the Tara Mcpherson signing on Saturday, so all being well my next post will be packed with pics from there. Hope you all have a great day!!

Teddy troop

Jelly Leg Bubblefun!

9 05 2009

It’s the weekend already! This was a really fast week for me! Lots of customs finished, lots started, and today I finally got out on the new bike! So now I sit here, legs feeling like what i’d imagine it would feel like to have them dangling in a rubber bladed blender. It was good to get out there and see how I did after so long, wobbly at first but I did eventually straighten up and manage to ride for a good hour and a half until the chain fell off and I noticed a few things that needed tightening up.

I came back to the studio to be met by more amazing pictures of the new releases from Crazy Label, the ever awesome Treeson has been revamped with a bubblegum accommodating mouth, and now you can pick up a blind boxed of artist designed bubbles! What I really love about these is how you can attach them to the existing Monster Burp figure with an adaptor, allowing for a bit of customization. Really fun things, It’s great to see the love that Crazy Label and co put into their releases rather than just being an endless conveyor belt of repetitive, soul-less crap (ie Kozik Labbits?) So thank you Crazy Label, I for one will be getting myself some of these! Brilliant!

You can get yours here: Now!!

Bubble Fun

Seishin 2 & Killer Figs

4 05 2009

Just finished off the second wave of Seishin custom Dunnys (see pic) Hope you like them, again, really enjoyed doing these! Finding out from @jamesyeah that Games Workshop have stopped making Tentacle Pink was pretty devastating though, my favourite colour of theirs, looks like I’ll be mixing my own in future! I’m on a quest to find new bands at the moment, I hate feeling there are amazing bands out there I haven’t heard yet! If any of you lot have any suggestions for bands/singers you think i’d like send links/names my way via the comments 🙂 I’m blaupraust on if you don’t know what kind of music I like. Currently listening to Blue Foundation, who remind me a little of Mew, not bad at all! (Thought I hear one of their songs is on the Twilight soundtrack)

Short blog tonight as I’m not feeling too great (must be something I ate) So for now, here are the new Dunnys they go up tonight at 7pm BST at  SOLD OUT

Seishin 2 Set