Friends With You Luckies/Postal Disappointment

12 05 2009

Well, the post has been and gone, one package arrived out of the 4 that were due today, which was a little disappointing to say the least! The Luckies brought to me however, were a small ray of light. The packaging is really nice, bright, colourful and coated in the weird characters FWY do so well. I have to question the price of these, especially when you consider how tiny they are, they’re not really unlike something you would expect to get out of a capsule machine for £1 (and these retail at £2.99 over here in the UK), though I guess I knew how small they were before I bought them, the characters draw me in every time. I love the range of different ones available here, but due to the price I just can’t bring myself to buy more, as much as I appreciate the designs. Here’s hoping tomorrow brings a few more deliveries.