Christmas Cliff & Canvas Creations

7 12 2009

Oh, it seems the festive season is almost here, where did that come from? I’ve never known it to sneak up quite like it has this year, perhaps that’s an age thing, with me hitting 28 this year! Or maybe it’s to do with the whole credit crunch ‘thing’ that has dominated the headlines this year (Meaning just the mention of Christmas/Presents before the end of November was enough to convince passers by that you did indeed want your eyes tearing out with slicy fingernails of mysterious eyelid disintegration) but now, the first Christmas card has arrived with me, the tree is calling out to be released from its dusty box…

I do look forward to the festivities, what I don’t look forward to is the inevitable crap TV, and having Cliff Richard forced into my eyes and ears like some kind of whinging wailing wrinkled idiot (I especially love his calendar this year, with Cliff in various amusing/embarrassing poses, Photoshopped into different locations around the world, especially enjoying how the front of the calendar features the same Cliff picture as a certain month, only Photoshopped into a different location, as if just to say ‘That’s right, he wasn’t really there, we feel bad misleading you, being quite old and all, there there, go and have a nice cup of cocoa and a digestive biscuit, be careful not to trip over the corner of that rug’ But to be fair to them, they have succeeded in providing a very memorable calendar,which I’ve even considered buying myself, though probably for the wrong reasons.


I’ve just finished off a nice new canvas for Ammo magazine, along with releasing the mini canvas ‘Transporting the Last tree’ onto the store page, both are available now here: Squink! Store

It’s probably getting on a bit now for Christmas delivery if you’re not in the UK, but you might just get in there in time if you’re quick, i’ll be sure to be super fast with shipping (But as much as I’d like to, I can’t guarantee Christmas delivery unless you pay for super speedy delivery) There are also Weeping coffee bear tees left, which would also make a nice gift for the coffee lover, or perhaps someone big on animal cruelty, who loves seeing cute animals in distress.

Until next time, stay jolly! (pictures below)


Something in the Air – Toonite

2 06 2009

Listening to: Chairlift – Does It Inspire You. (I thought it was worth a try!)

Well, it’s another beautiful day. In England. I know that’s quite hard to take in, especially if you live in the UK, but it has been incredible the past few days. It’s funny how a change in the weather like this has such an amazing effect on people in general. With more smiles in the streets, people more polite. It’s like living in a different world. As soon as the rain comes down, everyone becomes grumpy, it’s like a switch. I do get it, I mean, I’m more grumpy and sensitive to annoyances when it’s dull and rainy out. But it just interests me how the weather can affect people like that. I’m not complaining! I just wish it was like this all the time, regardless of sun/wind/rain/snow. Because it’s been so nice, I have to admit I’ve been a little slack with indoor painting, however I have got a lot of base coating done as it’s great for spraying outdoors, and makes the paint dry faster! None of that dreaded blooming nonsense that plagues me on the wet and windy days.

I’ve just realized how much I’ve been neglecting the facebook page I set up a while ago, I’ve just updated with the last lot of customs, and will post on there when I remember, but anyone interested should find the page here:

I hope those of you in the UK are enjoying the weather, we know it won’t last so make the most of it! Anyone not over here, have an equally nice day. More bloggering soon!

Seishin 2 & Killer Figs

4 05 2009

Just finished off the second wave of Seishin custom Dunnys (see pic) Hope you like them, again, really enjoyed doing these! Finding out from @jamesyeah that Games Workshop have stopped making Tentacle Pink was pretty devastating though, my favourite colour of theirs, looks like I’ll be mixing my own in future! I’m on a quest to find new bands at the moment, I hate feeling there are amazing bands out there I haven’t heard yet! If any of you lot have any suggestions for bands/singers you think i’d like send links/names my way via the comments 🙂 I’m blaupraust on if you don’t know what kind of music I like. Currently listening to Blue Foundation, who remind me a little of Mew, not bad at all! (Thought I hear one of their songs is on the Twilight soundtrack)

Short blog tonight as I’m not feeling too great (must be something I ate) So for now, here are the new Dunnys they go up tonight at 7pm BST at  SOLD OUT

Seishin 2 Set