S2 JamFactory Droplet launch/Customs show

12 01 2010

Hello! Just wanted to share the flyer design just through from Gavin @ JamFactory for the Droplet S2 launch in Bristol on the 6th of Feb. Great lineup for this show, I’m gutted I won’t be able to make it down, but for those of you that will, or need some convincing, here is the flyer with full list of artists, and a sneaky peek of my custom Droplet for the show.  You can click to enlarge if the text is too small, or check out the event page here http://www.jam-factory.com/droplet Hope you can make it! 🙂 For those of you that can’t, pics of my custom, and the rest i’m sure will be appearing on Flickr over the coming weeks!

If you’re in the UK, or anywhere else chilly at the moment, keep warm!!


Jelly Leg Bubblefun!

9 05 2009

It’s the weekend already! This was a really fast week for me! Lots of customs finished, lots started, and today I finally got out on the new bike! So now I sit here, legs feeling like what i’d imagine it would feel like to have them dangling in a rubber bladed blender. It was good to get out there and see how I did after so long, wobbly at first but I did eventually straighten up and manage to ride for a good hour and a half until the chain fell off and I noticed a few things that needed tightening up.

I came back to the studio to be met by more amazing pictures of the new releases from Crazy Label, the ever awesome Treeson has been revamped with a bubblegum accommodating mouth, and now you can pick up a blind boxed of artist designed bubbles! What I really love about these is how you can attach them to the existing Monster Burp figure with an adaptor, allowing for a bit of customization. Really fun things, It’s great to see the love that Crazy Label and co put into their releases rather than just being an endless conveyor belt of repetitive, soul-less crap (ie Kozik Labbits?) So thank you Crazy Label, I for one will be getting myself some of these! Brilliant!

You can get yours here: http://wookieweb.com/store Now!!

Bubble Fun