An Intense Fear Of Hoovering.

16 02 2010

Hello! It’s Tuesday, and time is flying this week, had a trip into Sheffield today and picked up card for the new Dunny header tags along with a few new brushes and canvas. So, they’re all packaged up now! Ken the tiger is heading to his new home in the states, and Mister Nozzle (created from the intense fear of hoovering mentioned above) is available now on my store page. He comes with a sticker!!! (the green one) and you can pick him up here: Bigcartel

Just had a fairly decent hot chocolate, after picking up some nice reduced fair trade stuff from Somerfields of all places! Hoping it’ll power me to stay up late and get some painting done tonight, more canvas paintings on the way soon enough.. 🙂


Hey Mister!

21 09 2009

Hello!! Today I created a mocha, using instant coffee, and instant hot chocolate. Well, I say it was a mocha, it actually tasted like a combination of the burps you get after eating too many chocolate muffins (or chocolate cake, either is good) and instant coffee, which is already pretty nasty.  ANYHOW, if you want to experience the taste-bud suffering that it caused, please feel free, and post your thoughts here. But just don’t blame me for suggesting it! Costa do a good Mocha, and if you get a large one, you get it in a mug so big, it’s impossible to lift with one hand. It’s like combining a bar of chocolate and a coffee, and costs about the same as a coffee, you can’t lose!

After I got over the taste of the FakeMocha, or Focha as it may now be called, I got on with this little fella (see below) , who will be up on the store page at midnight tonight – Went for something a little more simple, production like, so I could concentrate on the clean lines and try out some text. I hope you like it! The canvas paintings I’ve been working on are also now up on the customs/artwork section, so check those out if you fancy it! There’s also a Munny and the last of the cheesecake tees up on the store page, making room for the new t-shirts which will be out in the next few weeks!

Until then. Peace. Out!


Salted Nut Selection.

5 07 2009

Today, I found myself picking through a bag of Sainsburys ‘Salted nut selection’ They all taste like salt, however, my head began to rate the various nuts, it went something like this; Jumbo peanuts – Boring, just peanuts. Cashews – Amazing, soft textured, creamy and amazing (Next time I’ll just buy a bag of cashews as I found myself picking these out only to be left with a bag of inferior nuts) Almonds – Bland. Bitter. Hard. Rubbish. Hazelnuts – I don’t know, these were just round and tasted like salt. I’d imagine they are actually something like the cheap cardboard variety of peanuts. So, lesson learned, next time, buy cashews.

Yesterday I went out on my bike, after half an hour, and after getting off. I could hardly walk. Another lesson learned, pedal too hard, be prepared to crawl home like a crippled tortoise.

Anyway, today I got some more painting done, Sundays are a little dull, repeats on TV, stereo speakers that refuse to make a sound unless you pump either Cliff Richard, or Bros through them. I swear if you don’t go to church suddenly your day is doomed to fail. I’m sat waiting right now for todays custom to catch fire mysteriously, fingers crossed that doesn’t happen… You can catch a preview of it over on my Flickr now, along with the 8″ Dunny I’ve been working on.

Now I’m off to buy some water, in case of fire.

Couple of new customs & deck preview!

30 06 2009

Hey! Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post, still working on a selection of commissions and other bits and pieces, but all are coming together nicely and I’ve attached pictures of a couple of the new ones, along with a preview shot of the skate deck (coming soon) I’ve been working on for the upcoming show at Iksentrik on the 3rd of July (See Shows section)

I had to venture into Games Workshop today in the sweltering heat it was so hot the bus actually overheated and broke down on the way into Sheffield! Odd considering we didn’t really have any sun today, the sky was full of clouds that served as a kind of fuzzy sky based radiator. . Tomorrow… Must buy a fan.

Rufus Dunny

Bubblegum Tiger


Rain = Pain or Terror of Skywater

10 06 2009

Wow, it’s wet out there! The skies opened up at about 4 and it’s been pouring since, luckily I was able to get the mini Teddy Troop sprayed while it was nice out and have since been working on the custom, Kintaaro is now finished! (see pics) and up on the Squink! store for £25 posted. I hope you like it! Inspired by the grey skies of the past few days.

I’ll be off to the Tara Mcpherson signing on Saturday, so all being well my next post will be packed with pics from there. Hope you all have a great day!!

Teddy troop

Moose Neck Surprise

7 06 2009

Well, I sit here, eating plain rice, listening to Pizzicato Five. It’s not because I want to experience rice as it tastes straight from the field, but more because I need to go shopping and the rain has been pouring down all day. It’s a huge change from last Sunday, when I was stood in a field full of open boot cars, with modern traders selling their unwanted goods, in a scorching hot sun, the smell of freshly cooked sausages in the air. Today is one of those days when everything that seemed great about the sunny days seems so distant. I think we actually have some flooding here at the moment too. So today has mainly consisted of finishing some painting indoors, then watching the rain come down, I do enjoy watching from the warmth of the studio, but I still feel the urge to be outside, doing things. I’ve also made a start on some promo packs I’ll be giving out soon to the coolest of the cool, hopefully there will be some vinyl stickers/wall decals ready for including in these!

Anyway, that is today, I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday. I had a nice day in Sheffield where I met up with Jon Birdseed for coffee and words of utter madness. Still trying to convince the guy to sign up for Twitter but I think he’s about to break, I’ll drop his Twitter I.D in here when he does. He’s just had a feature printed in Sheffield free mag ‘Now Then’ If you can get hold of a copy, it’s a great read, with lots of his artwork in there too. Actually a really nice print job for a free mag too. Look out for it in various Sheffield shops/bars/cafes. He was kind enough to sign my copy, with one of his many names..

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! More customs soon! If you haven’t seen the photo already, below is what I have to do at the moment… Crikey.. :/


Back to the brushes!

21 05 2009

Apologies for the longer than usual delay between posts, lack of outdoor activity due to the extreme rain has lead to a good few days filled with…well..Nothing but waking eating, sleeping, and living inside my head. But here we are, on a thursday that has seen very little rain so far, and I had a few deliveries this morning. One of the new 8″ Qee packs from Toy2R that now has a few free tubes of paint, that I probably won’t use, I haven’t tried it yet.. But tube acrylic usually isn’t much use to me. Also not sure how much I could do with red blue and yellow, without it looking like a lego faced abomination. Can’t say I’m a fan of the whole ‘super duper value pack’ feel to the packaging, but it’s a quality piece of vinyl and I can’t argue with the price. I also still love the BunneeQ shape. Won’t be working on it until I have some commissions out of the way, but just so you know I’ll have one coming up soon-ish. Also a Mad*L I’ve just stripped and primed ready for later. The Mini Munny is in progress for the upcoming show set up by Jared Deal (See shows section) hope to have that finished over the next few days! 

Having a bike has really made me realize how many hills there are here. My legs weren’t quite ready for what I’ve tried to subject them to, and I think they’ve fallen out with me now, and made me do wobbly walking, which I might add, I’m getting copyrighted before any of you steal my special words. Oh well, I’m sure the Post Office staff will have seen a lot worse.. Now can I make it down there and back before the rain hits.. I better construct a plastic bag suit just-in-case………