Black Friday Discount!

27 11 2009

Well today I’ve been bombarded with links to discounts here there and everywhere, so I thought i’d join in the fun! Enter code BLACKFRIDAY at the Squink! store for 15% off your order! This will be valid until tomorrow morning in the UK (Saturday)

Get your Weeping coffee bear tees with this special discount! For yourself, or maybe even a Christmas gift 🙂



Coffee Bear Tees!!

31 10 2009

The tees have arrived and are now available at the Squink! store! £19.99 including free UK shipping (reasonable shipping elsewhere, with individually numbered tag, once they’re gone, they’re gone so grab one while they’re around! 🙂 Available in mens, and girly fit tees. Get yours here:




New stuff in the works!

13 10 2009

As I spill coffee on my legs, violently, I’m here to let you know that I’ve just put together the numbers for the Weeping Coffee Bear t-shirts, and ordered the swing tags. This time I’ll be doing them in a nice girly skinny fit along with the fitted mens tees (Hey you asked for em!) I expect them to be with me in a couple of weeks, If you’d like updates, follow me on Twitter @squink or just keep an eye on the blog here! They are being screen printed in Nottingham, and will be £20 each, with a hand numbered tag. Run number is undetermined, but they are most definitely not being mass produced! So you know you’re getting something not only coffee based, but also limited 🙂

Check back for more soon..

Hey Mister!

21 09 2009

Hello!! Today I created a mocha, using instant coffee, and instant hot chocolate. Well, I say it was a mocha, it actually tasted like a combination of the burps you get after eating too many chocolate muffins (or chocolate cake, either is good) and instant coffee, which is already pretty nasty.  ANYHOW, if you want to experience the taste-bud suffering that it caused, please feel free, and post your thoughts here. But just don’t blame me for suggesting it! Costa do a good Mocha, and if you get a large one, you get it in a mug so big, it’s impossible to lift with one hand. It’s like combining a bar of chocolate and a coffee, and costs about the same as a coffee, you can’t lose!

After I got over the taste of the FakeMocha, or Focha as it may now be called, I got on with this little fella (see below) , who will be up on the store page at midnight tonight – Went for something a little more simple, production like, so I could concentrate on the clean lines and try out some text. I hope you like it! The canvas paintings I’ve been working on are also now up on the customs/artwork section, so check those out if you fancy it! There’s also a Munny and the last of the cheesecake tees up on the store page, making room for the new t-shirts which will be out in the next few weeks!

Until then. Peace. Out!