February 2010

3″ Dunnys – Ken the Mysterious Tiger & Mister Nozzle

3″ Dunny – Mister Lime

Custom 8″ Dunny – Rose Eater

Custom Trikky – Chikka

Custom BunneeQ

January 2010

Jamfactory Droplet

Mini Munnys

Custom Uglydoll set

December 2009

Chiksnittle Bossy Bear Custom.

November 2009

The Cheerful Visitor

Custom Marshall

Frederick – Custom Nevermore Yeti

October 2009

Chester – Custom Kidrobot Dunny.


Ralph – Custom Kidrobot Dunny


September 2009

Grim! – Custom 3″ Kidrobot Dunny


Tree Tea Demon – A3 Canvas


Mister Hey! – Custom 3″ Kidrobot Dunny


The Search For Lost Memories – A1 Canvas

Search For Lost Memories

The call of a weeping forest (Left) & Transporting the last tree (Right) – A5 Canvas’s
The call of a weeping forest (Left) & Transporting the last tree (Right)

Sparkle Distribution Unit 7 – A2 Canvas
Sparkle Distribution Unit 7

August 2009

Twisty – Mini Baby Toyer Qee

July 2009

The Grumps.


Cheer Up Grump!

Cheer Up Grump!
Unlucky! Mini Canvas


Happiness 8″ Dunny
8" Happiness

Bunny For The Broken Hearted

June 2009
Bubblegum Tiger – Custom 5″ Mad*L
Bubblegum Tiger
Rufus – 3″ Dunny
Rufus Dunny

Kintaaro – Mini Teddy Troop
Teddy troop

April-May 2009
Seishin Series 1 & 2
Seishin series 1Seishin 2 Set

Custom Mini Uglydolls

Uglydoll 2

March 2009
Custom Dunny set – Crumpets

For older work, please see


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