An Intense Fear Of Hoovering.

16 02 2010

Hello! It’s Tuesday, and time is flying this week, had a trip into Sheffield today and picked up card for the new Dunny header tags along with a few new brushes and canvas. So, they’re all packaged up now! Ken the tiger is heading to his new home in the states, and Mister Nozzle (created from the intense fear of hoovering mentioned above) is available now on my store page. He comes with a sticker!!! (the green one) and you can pick him up here: Bigcartel

Just had a fairly decent hot chocolate, after picking up some nice reduced fair trade stuff from Somerfields of all places! Hoping it’ll power me to stay up late and get some painting done tonight, more canvas paintings on the way soon enough.. 🙂


Shadow of a mysterious BURGER

15 02 2010

I have too many customs to post up on here! …it’s late, I should probably be in bed sleeping, rest being essential for normal functioning tomorrow, however recently i’ve found myself thriving on being tired. I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but shouldn’t I be going the other way as I creep towards 30? Anyhow, this fantastic essay was linked up on Twitter earlier (link below), it’s pretty interesting to think about, might have had more of an impact on me if I hadn’t already started shedding STUFF at the end of last year, but well worth a read. Hope you’re all well! 🙂 GET RID OF THAT STUFF! (except for your vinyl 😉 )


5 02 2010

Mmmmm toast.. I mean, post! Just got the latest issue of Ammo magazine through, and what a beautiful thing it is, I was lucky enough to get an artwork featured in issue 2 and I couldn’t be happier with the magazine, a lovely compact size, and full to the brim with creative talent. If you haven’t already got yours I’d recommend picking one up before they sell out, you can get yours here: or from one of the stockists listed on the website.

S2 JamFactory Droplet launch/Customs show

12 01 2010

Hello! Just wanted to share the flyer design just through from Gavin @ JamFactory for the Droplet S2 launch in Bristol on the 6th of Feb. Great lineup for this show, I’m gutted I won’t be able to make it down, but for those of you that will, or need some convincing, here is the flyer with full list of artists, and a sneaky peek of my custom Droplet for the show.  You can click to enlarge if the text is too small, or check out the event page here Hope you can make it! 🙂 For those of you that can’t, pics of my custom, and the rest i’m sure will be appearing on Flickr over the coming weeks!

If you’re in the UK, or anywhere else chilly at the moment, keep warm!!

Christmas Cliff & Canvas Creations

7 12 2009

Oh, it seems the festive season is almost here, where did that come from? I’ve never known it to sneak up quite like it has this year, perhaps that’s an age thing, with me hitting 28 this year! Or maybe it’s to do with the whole credit crunch ‘thing’ that has dominated the headlines this year (Meaning just the mention of Christmas/Presents before the end of November was enough to convince passers by that you did indeed want your eyes tearing out with slicy fingernails of mysterious eyelid disintegration) but now, the first Christmas card has arrived with me, the tree is calling out to be released from its dusty box…

I do look forward to the festivities, what I don’t look forward to is the inevitable crap TV, and having Cliff Richard forced into my eyes and ears like some kind of whinging wailing wrinkled idiot (I especially love his calendar this year, with Cliff in various amusing/embarrassing poses, Photoshopped into different locations around the world, especially enjoying how the front of the calendar features the same Cliff picture as a certain month, only Photoshopped into a different location, as if just to say ‘That’s right, he wasn’t really there, we feel bad misleading you, being quite old and all, there there, go and have a nice cup of cocoa and a digestive biscuit, be careful not to trip over the corner of that rug’ But to be fair to them, they have succeeded in providing a very memorable calendar,which I’ve even considered buying myself, though probably for the wrong reasons.


I’ve just finished off a nice new canvas for Ammo magazine, along with releasing the mini canvas ‘Transporting the Last tree’ onto the store page, both are available now here: Squink! Store

It’s probably getting on a bit now for Christmas delivery if you’re not in the UK, but you might just get in there in time if you’re quick, i’ll be sure to be super fast with shipping (But as much as I’d like to, I can’t guarantee Christmas delivery unless you pay for super speedy delivery) There are also Weeping coffee bear tees left, which would also make a nice gift for the coffee lover, or perhaps someone big on animal cruelty, who loves seeing cute animals in distress.

Until next time, stay jolly! (pictures below)

Black Friday Discount!

27 11 2009

Well today I’ve been bombarded with links to discounts here there and everywhere, so I thought i’d join in the fun! Enter code BLACKFRIDAY at the Squink! store for 15% off your order! This will be valid until tomorrow morning in the UK (Saturday)

Get your Weeping coffee bear tees with this special discount! For yourself, or maybe even a Christmas gift 🙂


New stuff in the works!

13 10 2009

As I spill coffee on my legs, violently, I’m here to let you know that I’ve just put together the numbers for the Weeping Coffee Bear t-shirts, and ordered the swing tags. This time I’ll be doing them in a nice girly skinny fit along with the fitted mens tees (Hey you asked for em!) I expect them to be with me in a couple of weeks, If you’d like updates, follow me on Twitter @squink or just keep an eye on the blog here! They are being screen printed in Nottingham, and will be £20 each, with a hand numbered tag. Run number is undetermined, but they are most definitely not being mass produced! So you know you’re getting something not only coffee based, but also limited 🙂

Check back for more soon..