Moving to Tumblr

25 02 2010

After thinking hard and looking at customisation options, i’ve decided to move my blog over to Tumblr. You’ll find it here: If you want to keep your RSS feed, you might want to change it via the site or add feed:// 🙂

Hope you’re all good!


Tree House Press Calendar! Sweet!

9 01 2010

Just got this really nice screen printed calendar through from The Three House Press, you can follow them on Twitter @TTHP_dot_org I’d also recommend checking out their site for more good stuff and a really nice free typeface 🙂

I’m currently working on some Uglydoll customs for the Iksentrik store opening in Bath, UK this Feb. I’ll upload pictures of them all here when they’re all finished, you can see progress so far over on my Flickr page here: I’ll update with more info very soon and be sure to blog more this year! Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year!


8 08 2009

Wow, has it really been so long since my last update? How time flies!! I’ve been painting lots and lots lately, along with trying to get some new promo materials sorted out, new cards, and stickers coming soon! Today was spent working on a flyer design, a small logo job, and making some uber unhealthy chocolate and coffee desserts..They are truly amazing though, even if I can’t really take credit for the recipe, and they’re near impossible to mess up unless you leave them in the oven too long! Had a great couple of days in Liverpool Tuesday and Wednesday, went over for the opening of the Contrast exhibition at Novas on Greenland Street. really smart gallery and some great photography work, read more here:

Then went on for tea/dinner at Mei Mei’s, again, gorgeous Chinese food, went all out and tried lobster for the first time, probably the messiest I’ve EVER been when eating since I was 4, really nice though! Then on to The Magnet, which was dead when we went in at around 11pm, but picked up after midnight, across the road to Bumper, They have some awesome wall art (Pic below), and some nice comfy seating! Had a great night, and dragged ourselves back to the hotel at just after 2am.

We decided to go for Japanese at Etsu on the Wednesday lunchtime (Pic below), their bento box set meals are truly amazing and highly recommended!  Drinks on the docks, just a really nice place  It was my first time in Liverpool, great city and friendly people, so definitely somewhere I’ll be going back to 🙂 There are a number of pictures now up on my Flickr page here: Flickr

There are also a number of new customs on my store, along with a canvas I finished off the other day 🙂 you’ll find those at a reduced price this weekend, here: Store stuff! (pics below)

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!



Cheer Up Grump!

Figure Clear out.

28 06 2009

I’m just sorting out a few old toys that I need to let go to make room for new things. I’ve listed them below, if you are interested, either drop me an email via or message me @squink via Twitter. Some of these will be going on ebay tonight if there are no takers.

Rolitoland mini Mon-Qee (pink) In Blister box with postcard (displayed) – £5+ shipping.
Raymond Qee with Toyer Tshirt  & Backpack – £6+ Shipping (Has paint damage under cap where plastic has stuck.)
The Devil Kubrick set by Devilrobots. Gold & Silver. – £9 + Shipping
3 x Groovisions Brockmann Mini Figures, inc Caveman Chase – £5 Plus Shipping
Signed Burgerman Grey Chase Egg Qee – £10+Shipping
Brian Flynn Yellow Ghostland Mini figs x 4 – £5 each