Sitting so hard I’m falling off my chair.

5 10 2009

So it seems Summer is well and truly over, having to close the curtains and switch on the glow bulb at 6:30 tonight really makes you realise it’s actually nearly Christmas, again. Not that the abundance of special biscuit selection boxes that have now appeared in various supermarkets hadn’t already signalled the end of the days of sunshine and t-shirts. Now approaching are the days of internal shivers, and external jumpers and joy!… Christmas is always a time I look forward to, the festivities, the crisp winter mornings, being able to see your breath as it leaves your lungs in a smokey trail, the smell of freshly cooked mince pies, brandy…. I am a complete child when it comes to Christmas. It’s a little strange how when you get older you require less to keep you happy, as a kid if I hadn’t got that Castle Grayskull or Ecto-1 I needed so badly, I expect there would have been some kind of Jr. Bloodbath. But now, it seems the desire for new things has left me, and I can honestly say now that I enjoy the giving more than the receiving of gifts. ANYWAY, I apologise for going on about Christmas far too early, it’s not even Halloween yet, and for all I know Santa will be murdered by axe wielding pumpkin heads before Christmas even arrives.

I’m in the process of gathering artworks for a new charity art sale for November/December time, which will hopefully give you lot a chance to pick up some original drawings by some great artists/designers, with all proceeds going straight to charity (the charity this time being Sense) artists will be revealed as soon as the list is final, but I’m really happy with the generosity of the talented people who’ve agreed so far! Keep an eye on the blog for more info in the coming weeks! (teaser below)

If anyone has any useful tips on removing pigeon splat dust from glass, please let me know asap, I fear it’s slowly dissolving my window.





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