Salted Nut Selection.

5 07 2009

Today, I found myself picking through a bag of Sainsburys ‘Salted nut selection’ They all taste like salt, however, my head began to rate the various nuts, it went something like this; Jumbo peanuts – Boring, just peanuts. Cashews – Amazing, soft textured, creamy and amazing (Next time I’ll just buy a bag of cashews as I found myself picking these out only to be left with a bag of inferior nuts) Almonds – Bland. Bitter. Hard. Rubbish. Hazelnuts – I don’t know, these were just round and tasted like salt. I’d imagine they are actually something like the cheap cardboard variety of peanuts. So, lesson learned, next time, buy cashews.

Yesterday I went out on my bike, after half an hour, and after getting off. I could hardly walk. Another lesson learned, pedal too hard, be prepared to crawl home like a crippled tortoise.

Anyway, today I got some more painting done, Sundays are a little dull, repeats on TV, stereo speakers that refuse to make a sound unless you pump either Cliff Richard, or Bros through them. I swear if you don’t go to church suddenly your day is doomed to fail. I’m sat waiting right now for todays custom to catch fire mysteriously, fingers crossed that doesn’t happen… You can catch a preview of it over on my Flickr now, along with the 8″ Dunny I’ve been working on.

Now I’m off to buy some water, in case of fire.




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