Moose Neck Surprise

7 06 2009

Well, I sit here, eating plain rice, listening to Pizzicato Five. It’s not because I want to experience rice as it tastes straight from the field, but more because I need to go shopping and the rain has been pouring down all day. It’s a huge change from last Sunday, when I was stood in a field full of open boot cars, with modern traders selling their unwanted goods, in a scorching hot sun, the smell of freshly cooked sausages in the air. Today is one of those days when everything that seemed great about the sunny days seems so distant. I think we actually have some flooding here at the moment too. So today has mainly consisted of finishing some painting indoors, then watching the rain come down, I do enjoy watching from the warmth of the studio, but I still feel the urge to be outside, doing things. I’ve also made a start on some promo packs I’ll be giving out soon to the coolest of the cool, hopefully there will be some vinyl stickers/wall decals ready for including in these!

Anyway, that is today, I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday. I had a nice day in Sheffield where I met up with Jon Birdseed for coffee and words of utter madness. Still trying to convince the guy to sign up for Twitter but I think he’s about to break, I’ll drop his Twitter I.D in here when he does. He’s just had a feature printed in Sheffield free mag ‘Now Then’ If you can get hold of a copy, it’s a great read, with lots of his artwork in there too. Actually a really nice print job for a free mag too. Look out for it in various Sheffield shops/bars/cafes. He was kind enough to sign my copy, with one of his many names..

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! More customs soon! If you haven’t seen the photo already, below is what I have to do at the moment… Crikey.. :/





One response

7 06 2009

you had me at “Pizzicato Five” = excellent choice! lol

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