Something in the Air – Toonite

2 06 2009

Listening to: Chairlift – Does It Inspire You. (I thought it was worth a try!)

Well, it’s another beautiful day. In England. I know that’s quite hard to take in, especially if you live in the UK, but it has been incredible the past few days. It’s funny how a change in the weather like this has such an amazing effect on people in general. With more smiles in the streets, people more polite. It’s like living in a different world. As soon as the rain comes down, everyone becomes grumpy, it’s like a switch. I do get it, I mean, I’m more grumpy and sensitive to annoyances when it’s dull and rainy out. But it just interests me how the weather can affect people like that. I’m not complaining! I just wish it was like this all the time, regardless of sun/wind/rain/snow. Because it’s been so nice, I have to admit I’ve been a little slack with indoor painting, however I have got a lot of base coating done as it’s great for spraying outdoors, and makes the paint dry faster! None of that dreaded blooming nonsense that plagues me on the wet and windy days.

I’ve just realized how much I’ve been neglecting the facebook page I set up a while ago, I’ve just updated with the last lot of customs, and will post on there when I remember, but anyone interested should find the page here:

I hope those of you in the UK are enjoying the weather, we know it won’t last so make the most of it! Anyone not over here, have an equally nice day. More bloggering soon!




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