Bore Holiday Boreday more like!

25 05 2009

Well, here we are again, another bank holiday Monday. I have fond memories of bank holidays from when I was a kid, there used to be a tonne of action packed cartoons on in the morning, then a few great classic kids films. It was a fun day that used to revolve around getting up super early, watching cartoons, eating popcorn, watching films, then going out on my bike with friends. How things have changed.. This may make me sound old, but I think i’m justified in saying bank holidays now are super duper uber duber crap! Especially for kids. Flicking through channels now, we have the news, a 60’s film, loose women (poor sexist chat show) & on 4, another classic film (which okay may be alright for some, but I imagine not something a child would want to watch on a day off) I mean, okay a lot of people have Sky, Freeview, or something else, but even on my Freeview box there is nothing worth watching. The reason I keep talking about how there’s nothing for kids is because, yes, I’m fairly immature when it comes to entertainment and I still enjoy kids films, and cartoons. So I feel let down too! I understand they are trying to make children more active, but even when they go out to play nowadays they’re made to feel like criminals quite often. It’s all gone a bit weird.

So the TV is off, music is on, and I’m back to painting. We had a nice summery day yesterday which made a nice change, and I was somehow dragged out into the garden for a pathetic attempt at kicking a ball about, and damn do I ache today! At least music is keeping me sane, just listening to the new project from Dangermouse/Lynch & Sparklehorse, which isn’t bad, I’m especially liking the rather spooky final track, and really looking forward to the visuals by the ever great Mr Lynch!




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