Back to the brushes!

21 05 2009

Apologies for the longer than usual delay between posts, lack of outdoor activity due to the extreme rain has lead to a good few days filled with…well..Nothing but waking eating, sleeping, and living inside my head. But here we are, on a thursday that has seen very little rain so far, and I had a few deliveries this morning. One of the new 8″ Qee packs from Toy2R that now has a few free tubes of paint, that I probably won’t use, I haven’t tried it yet.. But tube acrylic usually isn’t much use to me. Also not sure how much I could do with red blue and yellow, without it looking like a lego faced abomination. Can’t say I’m a fan of the whole ‘super duper value pack’ feel to the packaging, but it’s a quality piece of vinyl and I can’t argue with the price. I also still love the BunneeQ shape. Won’t be working on it until I have some commissions out of the way, but just so you know I’ll have one coming up soon-ish. Also a Mad*L I’ve just stripped and primed ready for later. The Mini Munny is in progress for the upcoming show set up by Jared Deal (See shows section) hope to have that finished over the next few days! 

Having a bike has really made me realize how many hills there are here. My legs weren’t quite ready for what I’ve tried to subject them to, and I think they’ve fallen out with me now, and made me do wobbly walking, which I might add, I’m getting copyrighted before any of you steal my special words. Oh well, I’m sure the Post Office staff will have seen a lot worse.. Now can I make it down there and back before the rain hits.. I better construct a plastic bag suit just-in-case………





3 responses

23 05 2009

value pack diy customs, you can make flag designs hehe. jk i can’t wait to see these finished, your work is always so brilliant

26 05 2009

the mini munny looks awesome!

26 05 2009

Thanks! It’s almost finished now, I’ll put pics up after the show opens that it’s for 🙂

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