Weekend Submerged in Skywater

17 05 2009

I love weekends, they can not only bring relief of the end of a bad week, relaxation etc, but also create enthusiasm knowing that on Monday, you can start again. A fresh week to create corrections out of last weeks mistakes. However, they can also seem like stale time, a period when you can’t get as much done, increased distractions all around you, fine if you like sitting watching tv/playing games/doing other things for 2 days, but I like to feel I’m always doing something productive. I love weekends, but I also hate them. especially when it’s too wet to go out anywhere and do anything. Just recently I’ve started to feel like I need to use weekends to do things away from a computer screen, like I need an escape from the LCD face that I feel drawn to stare at for days in a row, burning my eyes, I look away, I feel drawn to look back. It’s like a visual addiction, oh, must refresh Twitter, oh, I just closed Safari, but I’l just check this thing on this site…I’ve forgotten what I was about to do, oh, hang on, I’ll just refresh Twitter again, someone sent me an @ reply, better just rep….oh an e-mail just came through, junk, oh.. damn, better reply to this one.. sending…Just refresh Twitter..I never replied to that @ reply. Hmm may as well put some music on while I do that, right what was I doing again? Where in gods name did I put my f****** pen!!?? (Yes, the yellow one)

Anyway, basically I’ve tried to drag myself away from here when I don’t have anything urgent to do, but it’s really hard doing that when the weather does its best to stop any kind of exterior activity, Haven’t had a chance to venture out on my bike for a week now because it’s been raining constantly with not much more than a 15 minute break between the downpours. It’s looking like brightening up later in the week so I’m taking a late weekend, so tis weekend will be midweek most likely, and I’ll probably have to move weekends to make sure they’re always at the best possible times for non-desk-related-activity. Sorry, now you know what it’s like living in my head, it’s like a solar powered strobe light show of letters, images of pink unicorns, and cheese being thinly sliced by award winning chefs. I can’t describe it in a more fitting way than that. 

Oh, I have been doing my best to get some customizing done over the past few days, I have a mini munny primed ready for the Carnival themed show coming up in June (see shows page) and just stripped and primed a Mad*L, but the damp weather really plays havoc with the paint finish when I spray, causes extreme blooming so I have to hold off until it warms up a tad (as long as I can anyhow, if it doesn’t get better soon I’ll have to do the show piece regardless, or I’ll miss the deadline) 

Here’s a lovely picture of yesterdays sky, a few minutes before the rain started bucketing it down.

Must put my happy face back on now! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!! Spotify is keeping me going, really great being able to listen to albums I have no idea about without having to illegally download to find out if I like them or not! Currently loving Surf’s Up by the Beach Boys!
 Rain Sky




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