Nuclear Mushrooms

14 05 2009

Yesterday, as you may have read, I was rudely awoken by the postman at 7:30, and as I expected a delivery today, you know what I thought?… I thought, HAHA, you won’t get away with making me jump out of bed to answer the door again, no!! Instead, I’ll be ready for you, at 7:20, waiting, at the door, hand on the handle, face against the glass. This time, he won’t even be able to ring the doorbell/use the knocker before the door is opened, swiftly ripping off his limbs in the process (probably). So, there I waited, time passed, I made a cup of tea, then coffee, then tea again (Note to self: Must buy more punctuation marks, as I’m running out) then tea again, then lime cordial. Then I started to weep as I realized it was 11am and the postman still hadn’t been. That’s right, I’d been sat with my face pressed against the very same section of glass for just under 4 hours. As for how I was managing to make cups of tea while I kept this up, I don’t know. I just did. Maybe because I use the kettle quite a lot and am fairly good with the buttons (on/off) and pouring action.

FINALLY it did arrive, I had ordered a helmet to go with my bike, as I have the desire to look like a walking mushroom/not die by having my head run over by a drunken pensioner (drunk on cheese, and digestive biscuits) also got my latest from Lovefilm, Man on Wire, which I hear is a good watch, though until I’ve seen it, I still won’t be convinced that it isn’t a film about a man standing on a bit of loose plug wire, playing a harp. Also a book recommended to me by Peskimo called ‘The Fundamentals Of Illustration’ I haven’t had chance to have a read yet, but after flicking it does seem like it will be really useful!

Anyhow.. I’ve been painting today, finishing commissions, started a new mini Uglydoll, and stripped the paint off a few more Dunnys. I can’t say I’m tired out because painting doesn’t tire you out really, but I am starting to feel a little like I want to throw a pot of paint at a perfect white wall. Maybe I’m just slowly going mental. Oh look, a yellow pen! 





One response

15 05 2009

yikes! hang in there..!

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