Ghosts of shiny magic & selfish tea love.

13 05 2009

Damn the postmen and their new rules! Okay I may be a little selfish in my cursing, I believe the new early parcel delivery rule is to prevent so many packages being undelivered due to people being out at work during the day, however I was woken at 7:25 this morning (and I believe my clock is a touch fast) by these little beauties (see below) I picked up a set of yellow, and a set of orange (thanks to Urban Retro for the sweet deal) I’m usually a little disappointed with figures in person, I’m dead picky about paint jobs, etc, but these are one of very few items I like better in person, they surprised me. Not only is the quality perfect, but they’re much bigger than I expected and the metal tins are a nice touch! I now have 10 of these to find a use for! If anyone has any tin suggestions, be sure to send them my way in the comments, I don’t mind how silly they are 🙂

I know a few of you will know me a little through Twitter, some of you in person, some through MSN, or maybe you’re a curious stranger who found this blog while searching for animal pornography (I have added this to the tags to ensure this does actually occur at some point, if it does, please feel free to express your disappointment via the comments box) So anyhow, some of you will know my deepest darkest secrets, such as my love of the B52’s, Trifle, Gilmore Girls, and Star Wars. However, none of you know this, I killed a man today. When I say killed, I mean I disappointed him very much. I took the last box of reduced tea bags in the supermarket. The look of disbelief on his face as I walked away with them was staggering, should I have offered half the box as a gesture of goodwill (or is that a Christmas thing?) Maybe just offered him a teabag as some kind of consolation prize? Well, I did none of these, I bought them, and I think I’ll enjoy the tea more, knowing that it very nearly wasn’t mine. I won. The tea is mine. MINE.






One response

14 05 2009

sigh… the disappointment of not finding animal porn…

…beating old men to boxes of teabags however.. :p

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