Royal Mail are my friends, also my enemies. The fiends.

11 05 2009

I don’t have a highly eventful life, I tend to spend a lot of time behind a desk, typing, or painting. So when I have post on the way, it’s often the highlight of the week for me. Royal Mail bring me goodies to brighten up my day, sometimes they don’t. It’s a little weird, but generally they provide a staggering service, with post being sent before 5 pm, being delivered across the country by 10 am the next morning. I find it a little weird however that lately items sent recorded delivery have been taking a day longer to arrive. Waiting for a package of delight that never arrives is an utterly devastating experience, okay so I exaggerate slightly. But it does bother me.

I have just got the vinyl bug again and picked up the first few bits for my collection I’ve bought for months! I have to be honest and say of late, there just hasn’t been any releases I liked. Looks like things are picking up! I don’t know if the recession based doom and gloom was creating a barrage of uninspiring releases, or if the thought of financial ruin made toys a little less appealing… Either way, I have the feeling back that I used to have, like a new purchase brings a new ray of sunshine into my life. It’s the perfect way of brightening up an otherwise miserable day. I’ve felt for a while now that many things are missing from my life, here’s hoping that I can pick things up and get back on my feet. I used to enjoy cooking for a partner, but since we have parted ways, it’s a little weird that I don’t have someone to try out my culinary skills on, creating a full on meal just for myself doesn’t feel very rewarding at all. I can’t wait until I feel completely happy again. Coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Really enjoying Ian Brown tonight! Music is my friend..

Royal Mail Vans




One response

11 05 2009

i know exactly what you mean about royal mail

…also know the feeling of the whole cooking thing. I might be with someone, but when that someone is the pickiest eater on earth, its like just cooking for your self all the time, while the other has fish fingers and chips. 😦

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