Hi! My name is….

6 05 2009

Well…actually, I have no name. Call me, the coffee addict, Squink! the cheese obsessive, whatever you like. What’s in a name? I guess what I’m trying to say is… I wish people would stop name dropping, It’s not clever, and certainly doesn’t make you cool. It’s something I’m noticing more and more within the ‘art/toy scene’ and every time, it infuriates me. I just don’t understand why people need to do it, if you really want to gain any kind of respect, surely the ONLY way to do this is with quality, clean work, not by reeling off a list of who you may have been in shows with, or that Kidrobot once told you that your design was ‘pretty good’ It’s something I will never understand I suppose. In a way, I pour my heart out into my customs, and it sort of breaks that very same heart when I see people being Superhugged (not quite sure what that is, but it happens) just because they’re mates with certain artists who may have a reputation in ‘the scene’ I honestly think anyone who is good enough, will succeed at some point if they work hard, and are consistently producing quality work, What sickens me a little is that some artists seem to be able to skip this whole process and jump straight to the front of the queue because of who they know, who they’ve talked about constantly. It’s like being rewarded for….well….nothing. If I sound bitter, it’s because I am. But I’m sure I’m not unjustified here, and there are a lot of talented customizers out there, maybe even some of you reading this, who deserve a lot more love for your work than you get, while you are pushed aside in favour of the ‘next big thing’

I love your work.

I also don’t know anyone famous. Except I once stuck up two fingers at Michael Barrymore. Now can I please be in the next Dunny series? Pretty please? 





3 responses

7 05 2009

Your work speaks for itself. no hype or association needed. i will always enjoy the world you create, and thanks for making it happen!

9 05 2009

I must say I agree with what you said. As for the Superhugged comment, I agree, recently there has been an artist who may only have a few customs 2-3 under their belt and everyone is ass kissing them. I just don’t get it either, I am not as good as you or some other artist, but even after a year of doing it some of us get no respect. Its messed up, but your work is awesome, and you know that, just keep it up you’ll get a dunny one day, we all will right? lol. Keep it up glad to see someone speaking the truth.

11 05 2009

Don’t worry… someday we’ll conquer the world… together…
It just takes time… and a little faith 😉

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