While my legs gently weep..

5 05 2009

Well, I am completely knackered, zombified even. After having a super late night last night, thinking I could stay in bed a little later this morning, I was rudely awoken at just after 7am by the postman.. Apparently now they have to start getting parcels delivered at 7, it’s the postman LAW. Anyhow, I crawled back to bed, only to be woken again an hour later, this time by the courier who was here to deliver my bike! After seeing him carry the HUGE box down the drive on his shoulder like some kind of superhuman walking table, I decided to give up on sleep for today…. Today I am the zombie…It gives me a good excuse to drink more coffee if nothing else.

The bike is really nice, but as I haven’t so much as looked at one since I was about 13, It is actually quite intimidating, it’s fairly huge, somehow much bigger in stature than I expected. I have sat on it, and nearly toppled over. A winning start! I suppose it is hard to balance on 2 wheels when you’re at a standstill though. I’ll venture out once the rain calms down and see how long I last before me and my cycle dreams come crashing to the pavement.

Thanks to everyone for the huge support for the custom release yesterday, they sold out faster than I could have hoped and I’m really overwhelmed by the kind words from you all. So thank you all so very much! I have a few pieces to finish/get started on now so may not have any new ones up for a while, but as soon as I do, I’ll be sure to post up here, and on my Twitter in advance.

Right, I have a cup of Assam calling me, I hear it calling…. It’s not calling me by the right name, but it’s still mine. Bourbons are great dunkers. They’re better if you pull them in half first, much like you’re meant to do to Oreos, and they fit in most cups. You can’t lose!!





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